Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a SmartRenter Report?

SmartRenter Reports provide renters instant, confidential landlord screenings, offering renters safety and peace of mind before applying or disclosing any information. Our easy-to-read comprehensive background report is a safety precaution that empowers you to make the best-informed decision on your next home.

Why should I order a SmartRenter Report?

SmartRenter helps protect you from the many risks impacting renters today: rental scams, litigious landlords, and properties in foreclosure are just a few of the factors that might affect your rental experience. We search all data available nationally and provide it to you in an easy-to-read report. A SmartRenter Report will give you the information you need to both avoid potential problems and increase your safety and peace of mind.

Remember: You're committing a year of your life and a third or more of your income to a place to live. You need to know who you may be renting from before committing to an agreement.

What is the difference between SmartRenter and review websites?

SmartRenter innovated the only dedicated landlord screening system on behalf of renter safety. Other websites that give rental property information are either advertising sites, where landlords pay to list their properties or review sites, where mostly angry tenants go to vent. Neither of those provide any information about the landlord. What if the landlord has a criminal history or is being foreclosed on? What if they’re not the owner and it’s a scam?

SmartRenter gives you hard data, not opinions or advertising. We have one agenda, which is to give renters the information about prospective landlords so that they can make smart decisions and avoid unlawful landlords, rental scams and more.

Can SmartRenter help me find an apartment to rent?

No. Leasing agencies and Realtors can help you find listings and set up showings. However, once you find a couple places you're considering renting, then you should order SmartRenter Reports to get a comprehensive background screening of your potential landlord before signing an agreement.

Can I see some sample reports?

Absolutely. Sample SmartRenter Reports can be found here.

How recent is the data gathered by SmartRenter?

Data is updated daily. SmartRenter uses the same data source as the top credit reporting agencies.

Which SmartRenter Report should I order?

It depends on the information you want and your budget. Our 3 comprehensive background reports on owners, landlords and property managers of any property you're considering leasing or renting give you the information you need to make the best decision. Get peace of mind at a fraction of what you could potentially lose in a rental scam or dealing with a negligent landlord.

The SmartRenter Basic landlord background check confirms the legitimate property owner. Our 3-Point Verification Process verifies contact information and property ownership.

The SmartRenter Premium landlord background check includes everything in the Standard Report PLUS checks the National Sex Offender Registry, criminal records, global watchlist matches, liens and judgments, weapons permits, and professional licenses. SmartRenter Premium adds significant safety and financial checks for added reassurance.

The SmartRenter Know It All landlord background check includes everything in the Premium Report PLUS bankruptcy and foreclosure information. This report provides the most complete picture of the landlord’s financial stability.

When should I order my Reports?

You can order your SmartRenter Reports any time. However, we find the earlier in the process, the better, and definitely before signing an agreement or exchanging money.

I’m working with a Realtor; do I still need to use SmartRenter?

YES. A rental agent’s job is to close multiple deals a week to remain profitable. They generally don’t research the landlords as the more listings they have, the more opportunities to close deals. Realtors also don’t have access to the information SmartRenter does.